Prisoners’ Letters. 10 Minute Rule. Edmund. HMP Parkhurst.

The following is a letter to insidetime, from issue January 2013

10 minute rule

From Edmund B – HMP Parkhurst

I do hope you’ll publish my letter so that others who are fortunate not to be incarcerated can get a bit of a feel as to how prisoners are treated.

My mother is 82 years old, frail and with serious health issues. I am her sole carer but unfortunately not able to be with her as I am in prison. On Saturday 27th of October she was admitted to hospital by ambulance due to a kidney problem. However, because a recently implemented rule that limits all prisoners to 10 minutes on the phone at any one time it has been very difficult, if not nigh on impossible, to get through to my mother (especially when I am put on hold by the hospital for 6 or 7 minutes). On Monday 29th October I asked an SO if I could use the office phone as the 10 minute rule was not helping. After explaining my mother’s circumstances this SO replied –‘Is it because you don’t want to use your own phone credit?’ I found her response offensive and uncaring (just for the record I have over £70 of phone credit which I have saved for just such an emergency). Despite PSI 49/2011 ‘Prisoner Communication Services’ making a provision for inmates to be granted the use of the official office phone for legal or domestic reasons at public expense, I was refused. It is no wonder that some people resort to retribution against prison staff and the system when dignity and integrity go out the window. My MP has written to the governor but has, to date, received no reply, and though my mother has been in hospital since Sunday (it is now Thursday) not one prison officer on my wing has enquired about how I’m feeling or about my mother.


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