Prisoners’ Letters. ‘Veterans’ Radio’. K.C. Former Prisoner.

The following is a letter to insidetime, from issue January 2013

Veterans Radio

From Kenneth Campbell – Former prisoner

I am a 56 year old Falklands War Veteran and after suffering for years in 2007 I was finally diagnosed as suffering from Combat Related PTSD. Unfortunately later that same year, due to the fact that I had for year’s self medicated with alcohol to try and escape from the relentless nightmares and flash backs, the “system” unable to handle any other way the nasty violent drunk I had become sent me to jail, I was sentenced to 3 years serving 18 months at HMP Stocken. It came as a hell of a shock when I realised just how many Ex Forces Personal were in just that one prison. In 2008 the Governor allowed me along with another Veteran to set up a Veterans Group meeting every 2nd Thursday in the Chapel. I am glad to say that since my release in early 2009 my life has taken on a new and much better direction, the system was still unable to offer me any significant help but with the support and love of family and a few Very Good Friends I was introduced to some of the small Veterans Charities and something called Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP. Working with a Veteran who knew the sort of hell I had lived through, in just 3 short days we were able to do what the NHS had failed to do over many years, 3 day is all that was needed to end the nightmares and flash backs. So, why am I telling you this?

Well, I have over the last 3 years trained to a point that I am now a NLP Master Practitioner and work with other Veterans and a few small Charities to give back some of the help I was so lucky to be given. In addition to this I have this week set up a Web Site and Inter Net Radio Station for Veterans and their Families,

I hope that it may give others some small amount of hope or encouragement to face up to release and let them know that if nothing else, in they can have a friendly ear on the outside, someone who knows firsthand how hard it can be getting back to some sort of normal life.


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