The One Indisputable Fact Regarding Maddie McCann

Taking into account the sensitivity of this subject to the parents of this little girl, there is one indisputable fact that must be addressed.

This fact, which cannot be argued against logically, is that Madeleine would not have been abducted if she had not been left alone with her twin brothers who, with a combined age of 7 years old, were incapable of defending themselves against intruders or other emergencies (fire, injury, etc.) by themselves.

In despite of arguments and excuses to the contrary by the parents, this act of negligence was directly responsible for the disappearance of their daughter. Had a nanny or minder been present Madeleine would not have been abducted, and would have been safe and well.

In this regard the parents must accept full responsibility for the abduction if, indeed, abduction did take place.

That is a fact which, as already stated, cannot be argued against logically. To deny the logic would be, by definition, absurd.

As a free-thinking person I cannot find an acceptable explanation why the parents in this case have been feted so lavishly around the world and upheld as a shining example of British parenthood  and, here, logic defeats me. In my own opinion, to which I hope I am entitled, I express the view that parents who leave children so young on their own in an unlocked and un-secure building, for whatever reason, are not simply negligent but criminally negligent.

If by saying what I think detracts from the ‘search for Madeleine’ then I apologise. But I believe it must be said.





~ by alexa8584 on February 5, 2013.

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