McCanns ask for extrajudicial settlement, 24 January 2013

McCanns ask for extrajudicial settlement, 24 January 2013

McCanns ask for extrajudicial settlement TVmais

They were the ones who took him to court for defamation and asked to suspend the judgement in order to negotiate. On the eve of the trial of Gonçalo Amaral, against whom they filed a complaint, the McCanns asked to negotiate.

By: Hernâni Carvalho
24 January 2013, at 10:37
With thanks to Joana Morais for translation

Kate and Gerry McCann

It is not often the accusers ask to negotiate before a trial, but in this case it was so. tvmais found that, on the eve of Gonçalo Amaral’s trial, the McCann couple’s lawyers proposed a meeting in order to reach an extrajudicial settlement [out of court].

In court, Madeleine McCann’s parents demanded from Gonçalo Amaral (see box*) compensation of 1.2 million euros for alleged defamation. Now it’s them who propose an extrajudicial settlement. tvmais also learned the lawyers for the defendants (sic) have accepted a meeting to take place within the following 20 days.

As all parties have agreed, the start of the trial, scheduled for 24th of this month at the 1st Civil Court of Lisbon, “has been suspended because the parties are trying to reach an agreement”, said a judiciary to Lusa News agency. All witnesses have already been notified of the suspension of the hearing.

Now follows a period of six months, after which, if there is no agreement, the hearing will be scheduled and the trial will start.


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